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Introducing the FLOW[ER] Vase, a stunning piece of ceramic art made from delicate Bone China porcelain. The upper part of the vase features a unique ribbed texture, adding a modern touch to its elegant design. This exquisite vase is finished with a matte exterior and a polished, transparent glazed interior, creating a striking contrast. Available in two beautiful variants, the first option is a classic white, while the second variant showcases a marbled lower section for a touch of sophistication.

Variant 1: white

Variant 2: the lower part is marbled

FLOW[ER] - Vase

  • H=24cm L=18.5cm W=13.5cm

    Color deviations from the illustration are possible due to production reasons.

    If not in stock, production time approx. 2-3 weeks.


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