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The FLOW[ER] medium bowl is an elegant bowl made from high-quality bone china porcelain. With a glazed inside and a matt and polished outside, it is not only practical, but also a stylish decorative piece for your dining table or living room. The bowl is available in 4 versions: classic white, marbled, white outside with lava gray inside and lava gray outside with white inside. No matter which style you prefer, this bowl will add a modern and timeless elegance to your room. 

Variant 1: white

Variant 2: marbled

Variant 3: white on the outside, lava gray on the inside

Variant 4: lava gray outside, white inside

FLOW[ER] - Bowl medium

89,00 €Price
  • ø=16cm H=10.5cm

    Color deviations from the illustration are possible due to production reasons.

    If not in stock, production time approx. 2-3 weeks.

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