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All products are designed and produced in the own studio. Each item is elaborately manufactured by hand in a number of individual steps.
In recent years, mano design has specialised in the processing of bone china porcelain. Bone china porcelain is one of the highest quality, most expensive and most sophisticated porcelain. This porcelain differs from conventional porcelain in its composition (besides feldspat, quartz and kaolin, it also contains a 50% proportion of bone ash) and the firing sequence - it is first fired high and then glazed low. This requires a very precisely work, since the pieces can not be sanded before. To avoid too much distortion, all pieces are fired on safety props.

The collections  "TWOTONE"  as well as  "JUST"  are made out of this porcelain. The porcelain of the series "Twotone" is coloured with color pigments and some parts are cast in two colours. The patterns of the series "Just" are applied in a complex spraying process.
For this I use fishnet stockings, lace and stencils. The pieces are fired up to four times.


All other products are made from a high quality soft porcelain. The plaster moulds were also developed in the own studio. All products are casted, then retouched and fired. After the bisque firing, they are sanded and glazed transparently. After the glaze firing, the decoration firing takes place. The screen prints are also developed  on the computer in the own studio and are printed outside. The decors are dishwasher safe. Many products are also finished with gloss platinum or glossy gold. These pieces should be cleaned by hand. Since each piece is made by hand, there may be deviations. However, this gives the products their special character and distinguishes them from industrially manufactured products.The production run of a product is about 2 weeks.


High-quality porcelain from Germany and England is used, which is fired in both cases at 1260 degrees.

The glaze firing takes place at 1100 degrees in the case of Bone China porcelain and 1260 degrees in the case of soft porcelain. The decoration firing at 800 degrees.


The porcelain is suitable for the dishwasher.

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